I have complied/am compiling a list of Paran videos that you can still stream from different video streaming sites. The page is located here (you can also find the link on my tumblr’s sidebar).

The list is currently not as completed as I would like it to be, as I did not have a chance to go through all of my bookmarks yet, but there’s enough to get you started if you want to go watch some Paran videos. :3

I’ll try to update it as often as I can.


Thank you :)

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[06.06.13] Hello Mnet - AJ’s surprise birthday party

Video 1: Ryan’s making AJ’s birthday cake

Video 2: The party


I hope if anyone of you have the vids and willing to share, please do the favor for the little cutie fandom :3

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Paran’s AJ ><

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Pre-U-Kiss Jaeseop with U-Kiss.

awh ;~;

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AJ getting kissed by NEO

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MTV Diary of Paran - Ep 2 

Part 1
Part 2


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AJ with PO and finally Neo is out of army, only people missing for this lovely reunion is Ryan and Ace

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MTV Diary of Paran - Ep 1 

I believe someone is looking for this so I’ve got it up as soon as I have it.

Enjoy :)

Part 1

Part 2

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The Scientist - AJ

Come up to meet you, tell you I’m sorry
You don’t know how lovely you are
I had to find you, tell you I need you
Tell you I set you apart
Tell me your secrets, and ask me your questions
Oh let’s go back to the start
Running in circles, coming up tails
Heads on a science apart

Nobody said it was easy
It’s such a shame for us to part
Nobody said it was easy
No one ever said it would be this hard
Oh, take me back to the start.

Ooooohhhhhhh [x4]

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How about you?

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Announcement on Paran Cafe 

이 카페는 2012.04.16에 nh emg 님에게 양도될 예정입니다

 This cafe is planned to be tranfered to nh emg on April 16th?

My Korean is poor I can’t get the exact idea of this one.

The cafe will be moved to another URL (with all the data) or disappear?

Please help!

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When AJ wants you to stop talking…

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Jaeseop got locked out for playing with matches? 

His expression when he lighted the match was so evil~

Unfortunately it’s LQ ;;

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[] Park Kyung Lim’s Wonderful Outing, 20080503

English Translation by justimplying @ tumblr. DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE.

*Note: They were playing “rock, paper, scissors” for this particular segment on the show where the punishment is being pushed into the water. Paran lost the last round just before this scene, so Park Kyung Lim was picking on AJ because he was pretty much “barefaced” after being submerged in water.

(via justimplying-deactivated2012040)

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