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Wintery afternoon.

awww I found you here <3
Totally love your work^^ 


Wintery afternoon.

awww I found you here <3

Totally love your work^^ 

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  • Friend: No K-Pop idol can speak English perfec-
  • Eli: Excuse me
  • Kevin: Excuse me
  • Amber: Excuse me
  • Jay: Excuse me
  • Brian Joo: Excuse me
  • Tiffany: Excuse me
  • Jessica: Excuse me
  • G.NA: Excuse me
  • Xander: Excuse me
  • Kris: Excuse me
  • Henry: Excuse me
  • Peniel: Excuse me
  • Krystal: Excuse me
  • CL: Excuse me
  • Ailee: Excuse me
  • AJ: Excuse me
  • YG Family: Excuse me
  •  ...
  • SM Town: Me excuse
  •  ...
  • Yongguk: Chyeah
  • Himchan: The loof is on fiyah... CHEEJIBURGER
  •  ....
  • Mir: Waffurs
  •  ....
  • Chen: Gull
  • Hoya: Our shecret is...shecret.
  • Ilhoon: I AM NOT DRINK.
  • Donghae: OPTIMUS PRIDE
  • Yesung: Tokyo in Yesung ^-^
  • Eunhyuk: I'm not short I'M LONG
  • Dongho: Oh my godless
  • Exo: oolf
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This is hilarious even if you could only understand the English in it. lol.

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 ] 신동의 심심타파, 131105

Shindong asked if there was a name for the 내 여자야 dance, and U-Kiss said no. He then suggested naming it the “boxing dance”. xD

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So we have Tumblrbot? 



But I like the feeling that I OWN YOU..

Well, never mind….

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Jaeseop’s unstoppable pen spinning

He did in continually~ I couldnt even count XD

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Can't Even Breathe ★: U-KISS Inkigayo fan meeting [2014/11/03] 


disclaimer: this is going to be so long and so incoherent because I’m still on cloud nine, so I apologize beforehand and hope for everyone’s understanding /o\

this was the second fan meeting U-KISS did in two days. since so many fans (around 120; I remember when sometimes there were hardly 40 fans back during Neverland promos!) had come to Music Core on Saturday, we got a small fan meeting after the live show, and Soohyun promised then, that they would do another one today. always trust the leader to keep his promises ♥

even though only 30 out of again 120 (or even more?) fans got in (…Inkigayooo… ㅡㅡ) to the live show and we didn’t have a pre-recording, staff eonni asked us to head over to a school close to the SBS building, where the fan meeting would take place. she also collected fans’ questions beforehand, so she could ask them to the members later on.

we were sorted by the same numbers that we had been given for the live show and were asked to sit down, when U-KISS’ van turned up and Soohyun immediately jumped out of the car, just to peek around the corner and watch us through the trees, lol. all the other members followed him and we were really surprised to see them in their own clothes, rather than their stage outfits. they all looked incredibly gorgeous. I swear, if you ever see Kiseop in real life, you’ll agree that there is nobody who looks as ethereal as him, omg.

they all started out by introducing themselves and Soohyun talked about how he heard that only 30 fans got in, so he pointed them out one by one and said “I saw you and you and you…”. they all thanked everyone for coming and then proceeded to answer the fans’ questions.

A/N: the order is probably messed up, but I’ll try my best to keep it somehow well organized~ also, some questions weren’t answered by all the members!
A/N2: Soohyun did most of the talking today, while AJ was teasing a lot and Hoon was really hyper. Kevin, Eli and Kiseop were the victims of the other three guys’ pranks today

1. What is your personal favorite song on the album?

All the members immediately went like “We can’t say 불꺼 right now, can we?” and the fans cracked up (if you look up the lyrics, you’ll see that it’s a pretty sexually suggestive song, that’s why) :)
Soohyun was the first to answer the question and started singing the chorus of 잠깐만. everyone started cheering ofc \o/
Kiseop answered by dancing his own part in 내 여자야 and the members were making fun of his passionate and fierce dance, lol.
Kevin sang his part in Mysterious Lady, but eventually made a small mistake with the lyrics (I think?), which led to all the other members teasing him about it
Hoon sang Hey Man at first, but then gave a mischievous smile and added “I really do like 불꺼 though!” and started singing again. the more suggestive the lyrics got, the greasier Hoon’s voice turned and when he was about to sing the part about beckoning the girl to his bed, everyone went wild, but Hoon let the song fade out, trollololol. Soohyun said we would have to listen to that song in secret, when nobody was listening, haha
Eli chose 내 여자야 as his favorite and performed his rap part right at the beginning of the song. it has kind of become his slogan and the members start rapping those lyrics every time Eli tries to say sth 8D
AJ answered that his favorite song wasn’t actually a song, so everyone assumed that he was talking about the intro and the members told him to not try so hard lmao. it turned out that AJ actually meant the instrumental version of 내 여자야 and explained that it was because of his interest in composing.

2. What would you be doing now, if you hadn’t become an idol?

Soohyun passed on this, saying that he couldn’t imagine anything else.
Kiseop said he would’ve become a professional photographer. he started posing like a photographer and AJ made fun of him, by saying that the only pose he ever does irl, was the high angle selca shot, lol
Kevin said he’d probably be a college student in the US right now
Hoon was so hyper altogether, that he was rambling all over the place, and it was kind of hard to understand him at times /o\ I understood sth that sounded like “working in a workshop”, but the gestures he made looked more like a cook, so idek D:
Eli’s voice was also pretty low, but he said he would’ve wanted to become a taekwondo professional and he showed us his kick (wearing tight blue jeans! nothing ripped …sadly lmao)
AJ said it should be obvious. that he’d be a college student.

3. What would you if you were given one month of vacation?

Soohyun said that he would use the time to write his own songs and go solo, because he wouldn’t want to rest, but keep the fans entertained.
Kiseop said he would love to travel to all the countries their fans came from, which was approved as a really good answer by not only us, but the members as well :D
Kevin said he’d like to travel the world, too. he actually said he’d want to make a round-the-world-trip, but everyone called him out for it, ‘cause one month wouldn’t be enough for that
Hoon did the same hand gesture as he did for the previous question, so I guess he’d either cook or work in a workshop? lmao
Eli said he’d want to use the time to travel back to several places and meet up with all the people he hasn’t met in a while.
AJ said he wants to travel to Africa, to discover a new side of the world and let his hair grow out, so it looks wild (/o\)


I don’t remember how or why, but someone somehow had the idea to tell Hoon to show us his abs. we all expected he’d decline, but we were wrong. so wrong. 
AJ covered Hoon, who had hidden behind some trees and lifted up his shirt to check whether his abs were presentable today or not.
some fans started yelling at AJ to move out of the way, but only Kevin turned around and apologized for standing in the way, but everyone was just like “NOT YOU! AJ!!” and all hell broke lose, when Hoon eventually took the shirt off and came back half naked. My. Eyes. My. Heart. My. Life. I was dead. Everyone died. THAT BODY OMG. Soohyun tried to cover Hoon’s nipples with his hands (what even), while we got to see abs. abs. abs. and arms. and his full back side. how am I alive, you ask? idek. I have seen heaven.


4. What do you miss when you’re abroad?

Kevin answered that he missed his mom’s Kimchi Jjigae and he said in in a cute way, so AJ immediately took the chance to make fun of him and mimic his lisp. Hoon seemed to like that idea and made an even worse imitation of Kevin’s voice, that had everyone cracking up.

5. Your ideal date?

Kiseop said he’d like to walk the streets like all the other people and hold hands and go to places where couples usually go. Since Kiseop’s voice is rather soft, many fans didn’t catch what he said and asked him to say it once again, louder. Kiseop formed a megaphone with his hands and pretty much screamed the exact same thing he said before, even slower. he then took Kevin’s hand to demonstrate it again and put his arm around his shoulder, and eventually also kissed him. Kevin seemed really surprised, Soohyun and Hoon were bursting out in laughter and AJ and Eli stood there, grinning like “here we go again” lol

6. What kind of girl is your ideal type?

Soohyun kind of passed on this and so did Kiseop.
Hoon just picked Kevin up and carried him around in his arms. He eventually stopped right in front of Soohyun and let Kevin down again. Soohyun then proceded to feel Kevin’s chest, as if he was trying to look for signs that he was fit for an ideal girl /o\
Kevin answered that he used to have an ideal type, but as he got older he feels that it’s important that he can sense a special connection when they meet and it got hilarious there, because all the other members started shaking their heads in disbelief. AJ took one step back, so Kevin couldn’t see him, and motioned to us that Kevin was telling lies, lol. Soohyun asked him to tell the truth and tell us his ideal female idol, to which Kevin answered that he didn’t have one. AJ was rolling his eyes at that point and crossing his arms, further signalling us to not believe the lies. Hoon followed along and him and Soohyun started imitating the difference between how Kevin treats other male idols and female idols. Hoon’s face was just way too hilarious… words couldn’t describe it ;~;
Eli was also asked but only said “You already know…” and the other members were waving their hands in extreme S-lines, lmao

7. Who do the members think looks best among them?

Soohyun immediately passed on this one and took a step back, but the fans kept telling him to come back, but he only pushed Kiseop right in front of him, saying that he was the most handsome one. Then Hoon came over to pull Soohyun back to the front, and along with our repeated screams of “Shin Soohyun! Shin Soohyun!”, we managed to get him in 1st spot for a while, before he pushed Kevin and Hoon in front of him again and went back to AJ, who had also positioned himself in the back, and hugged Soohyun really tightly. Eli was just kind of wandering around the whole time, seemingly waiting for someone to pick him, poor baby ;~; ♥
they eventually passed on the question and concluded that all of them were good-looking.

8. What is your favorite part in the MV?

This question was more at the beginning of the Q&A, I think. But it’s hard to describe anyway, so I’ll keep it short:
Kiseop likes the part where he emerges from the middle of the others during the chorus.
Soohyun likes the part where he covers his eye with his hand and he started joking again how it would’ve been even better, if he had covered his whole face (ㅠㅠ). of course we all protested really loudly and the other guys were also making fun of how stupid that would’ve been.

9. Your favorite hairstyle on yourself?

AJ passionately started rambling about his hair there, lol. he wasn’t sure at first, but concluded that he liked his current hairstyle a lot. Soohyun jokingly said he liked the baseball hair he had when he went to college, lmao. Soohyun himself said he would dye his hair back again and that it would be the last time we’d see him sport the blonde hair, btw (because it takes him 6 hours to dye it). ㅠㅠ everyone started calling “NOOOO”s and “andwae~”s and Soohyun seemed really surprised at the response, but eventually asked if we liked it the way it was. ofc we do \o/ so he told us that his mom also really likes it and he’ll think about dyeing it again, lmao

10. Eli, what is the hardest part about being the MC for Simply K-Pop?

He said that some of the fans who had been to Simply K-Pop before knew that there wasn’t really a hard part, but he said that he hopes for more fans to come and support him there. He even got a bit emotional, saying that he sometimes felt a bit pressured by the comparatively huge number of other bands’ fans in the studio, so it would be nice if there were always as many people as there were today (even if the Arirang studio is way too small, lmao) ♥

11. Make a wish to the fans

AJ was the first to speak and said that he doesn’t really have a wish or a request, except that he wishes for everyone to stay healthy, because there’s nothing more important.
Eli thanked everyone and asked who’d come to the Star King recording tomorrow, but since most people either have work or classes they need to go to, there weren’t too many fans who raised their hands :( one student said she’d skip class to come and see him, but Eli told her to not even think about it and that her studies came first.
Hoon said he loves the fans a lot. Soohyun then scolded him because he was supposed to make a request and not just say sth, so he gave him some more time to think about an answer.
Kevin only said he wishes for Kissmes and U-KISS to stay together forever. He repeated the forever in English, so everyone could understand :)
Kiseop said he wants the fans to keep loving and supporting U-Kiss.
Soohyun’s wish is for Kissmes to be more active on the fancafe.
Hoon got another chance and said “let’s do a concert here in Korea”. everyone started cheering really loudly, but Soohyun scolded him again, saying that he couldn’t request the fans to organize a concert, lmao. they left it at that, though :)

when they were done with the A&Q, Soohyun suggested we all have dinner together. fans cheered. members asked if we could find a restaurant big enough. so Soohyun changed it and said, we should all go on a trip together. at the mention of money, however, he changed it to giving us hugs, if 300 people come to their promotions. we tried negotiating and eventually brought the number down to 200 (I believe) fans for a hug event.
at one point, Soohyun’s voice kind of broke, so he decided to not speak in a loud voice anymore, thus Hoon offered to be his megaphone and repeated what Soohyun whispered to him in an hilariously loud, army-style voice. the whole situation was just so funny, because Soohyun whispered two words to Hoon and waited for him to convey the message to us, until he would give him the next 2-3 words, lol. he eventually concluded by whispering “I love you, Hoonmin.” to him, which Hoon shouted out to us fans and when we started cheering, Soohyun also gave him a kiss on the cheek ♥

we then proceeded to take photos together \o/ not only were we now allowed to take pictures of them, but also with them ♥


AJ spotted my cam \o/


my friend Vanessa’s photo from the other side

they actually all came over to the side my friend Janina and I were sitting at, in order to take a photo together. while they were still discussing how to position themselves so that all the fans would have at least on of the members close to them, AJ came over and just stood beside us, staring at us and other fans as well. I didn’t say anything, but only waved and smiled at him, to which he responded with a nod and his cat smile \o/

meanwhile, it had been decided that they would take one photo from each side of the group of fans. when they got to our side for the second photo, Kiseop handed his phone to the staff to take a photo too and then threw himself on the floor. and right into my lap. lol. I pretty much had his head on my shoulder and idek I was kind of starstruck right there (his hat felt so soft too omg). after we took the photo, Kiseop (and Hoon too) turned around to shake hands with us and give high fives ♥ ;A; such precious people.

after all the photos had been taken, Soohyun said the last few words, which were really sweet&meaningful. he said that even though they’d all be happy about a good chart position, these promotions they’d like to not care about winning anything and only concentrate on making important memories with the fans. they also said they want to do fan meetings more often and encouraged everyone to come and join their promotions again \o/

once again: sorry if this is incoherent or weird in any way /o\ I’ve been awake since 3:30AM and it’s been an eventful day, so please forgive me~ ;A; the only thing I can say is that U-KISS are the best ♥ you’ll never find such amazingly sweet people anywhere else in this industry. dear fellow Kissmes, we’re a lucky bunch of people, since we’re all loved by those wonderful and adorable men. let’s not forget that and return the love as much as we can \o/

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F A V E U - K I S S Moments 82 / ∞ (She’s Mine ver): Two dorks in a white room.

F A V E U - K I S S Moments 82 /  (She’s Mine ver): Two dorks in a white room.

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